English Debate Competition of Islamic Economic and Finance (EDCIEF) 2021 is one of the work programs held by the Department of Interests and Talents of the Student Executive Board of the Islamic Economics and Finance Student Association (BEM HIMAIEKI) of Indonesia University of Education (UPI). This event aims to be a forum for IEKI and FPEB students who have an interest and talent in English, carry out arguments, and broaden their insights and perspectives.

The grand theme of this event is called “Optimizing Youth Mindset to Achieve Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals”. EDCIEF 2021 focused on two sub-themes which are based on Sustainable Development Goals, namely “Decent Worth and Economic Growth” for the first round and “No Poverty” for the final round.

EDCIEF 20021 was held on Saturday, 19 June 2021 from 08.00 to 11.30 through the ZOOM Meeting platform. The event was attended by delegates from four study programs of the Faculty of Economics and Business Education, including: Accounting Study Program, Business Education Study Program, Economic Education Study Program and Islamic Economics and Finance Study Program. This event was also attended by Dr. Lili Adi Wibowo (Vice Dean III of FPEB), Dr. Juliana (Representative of Head of the IEKI study program), M. Zakwan Jundi Pratama Zulfikar (Chairman of the IEKI Student Association) and judges, namely Mr. Ripan Hermawan, Mrs. Rida Rosida, and Mrs. Sylvia Meilani. The event was hosted by Benaya Raifa Azzahra as MC, and Laetitia Firdausa and Ahmad Rifky Patrullah as chairpersons.

The final result for this event was Business Education study program won the first place, along with Accounting study program as the runner-up, followed with Islamic Economic and Finance study program as the third place, and Economic Education study program as the fourth place.

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